My Papa

Uwani; which means ‘my mother’ was what you fondly called me, and you named Bridget, Omo Uwani, which means my mother’s daughter.

I knew this day was coming, I wished it did not come so soon🙁, I am happy to know you are no longer in pain and can now rest in the bosom of our creator, you went to sleep quietly & peacefully.

You will live on forever in my heart till we meet again. From you, I learned; kindness to a fault, honesty, simplicity, being slow to anger, and how to be a person with great nature, you were always so kind, supportive, and never liked to be called an Ijebu man in the context of the word meaning ‘stingy’. Whenever I needed you, you always showed up and went above and beyond, and if I was upset at you for one reason or the other and did not come home from school on time, you would call me repeatedly asking me to come back home, letting me know you missed me, and I was your Mom, I should not stay too long away from home. You were an extremely great and kind man.

I miss you, and will always miss you, I will, however, continue to live my life by your principles and what you have taught me, to be a kind person, always.